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How to buy china bristle?

China is a traditional bristle production and processing base. The bristle products have good quality, a high reputation, robust processing, and supply capabilities, and have long been favored by domestic and foreign customers.


Chinese bristles are made from Chinese pig hair, which is the same natural fiber as our hair. It is an animal product.


In the past, bristles were a by-product of raising pigs with limited uses, and most of them were stored in manure tanks as fertilizers, with little value. With the rapid development of the machine industry, the use of bristles has increased, and their importance has become increasingly apparent.


Our company insists on independent research and development, improves bristle processing technology, introduces modern equipment, and has a unique mixed bristle formula.


Bristle---white bristle, black bristle, printedd black bristle, grey bristle.


The composition of the bristle:


Take the bristle brush with a length of 51mm and 40 points as an example

The composition means:

40% of the bristle length reaches 51mm

60% The bristle length is shorter than 51mm


The length of the bristle directly affects the price. The longer the bristle, the more expensive it is, so the better the composition of the bristle, the more expensive the price of a single bristle paint brush.


The length ratio of the bristles also directly affects the amount of paint absorbed.


Different chemical filament blending, the ratio of bristle chemical filament blending:

The conventional ratio is: 20%/80%, 30%/70%, 40%/60%, 50%/50%

Such as 20% white bristle mixed with 80% imitation bristle PET filament


In the mixed bristle brush, it is generally a mixture of pure bristle and imitation bristle sharpened filament, or mixed with hollow filament.


The bristle blend paint brush is mainly suitable for oil paint.


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