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7 fators why customers choose us

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd

1. Supply System

Brush filament----

Ø All the raw material of brush filament is made of PBT and PET, all of the PBT and PET is from Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Each batch of raw materials is accompanied by a product quality certificate

Ø When the material arrived, we will mark the item code and batch No. and date on it

Ø Recorder the data of raw material and Inspection certification to ERP system


Ø The raw material of bristle is from Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou,

Ø Wash and boiled, dry them

Ø According to the color, tops Classfication

Ø Label the size. Color, tops on the goods

Ø Recorder all the data and Inspection Certification to ERP system1630636011672004.png

2. Production Management System

Ø On the table of workers, there is an instruction show how to do and what is a Qualified and non-qualified products

Ø New workers must be trained before they can be officially employed

Ø One sample at each workers hand, when bulk products, they will make according to samples

Ø Each order would be have its unique production number, From first step to Last step, we will use this production number to trace the raw material using, In-process inspection, in which step, the requestment from customers and what we need to pay more attention to and so on.

Ø Regular maintenance of production equipment and effective maintenance records

Ø Each step would have QC checking, after checking ok, then go next step

3. QC System

Ø All inspectors are promoted from the bottom workers, they have at least 5 years of work experience

Ø Will pick 10 bundles of each layers to check the size and tops and bottom

Ø Qualified products will have qualified stamps on the cardboard

Ø QC will write the Quality inspection form of each item After Packaging, they will recheck the weight of cartons again, they will pick 

               Ø up two cartons of each item for checking

Ø When working, they will go to the work desk and check the workers products

Ø Marked the workers’ number on the cardboard

Ø There is a standard on the wall What is qualified and what is not qualified.

4.Packaging System

Ø 5 layer exported standard carton with Tic-tac-toe packing strap

Ø Fumigation-free tray for LCL customers

Ø All finished products on the Iron Pallet, waiting for sending out

Ø Shipping Mark according to customer requirements


5.Inventory system

Ø All of the goods are on the pallets

Ø Foam fire extinguishers in each warehouse

Ø List labels on each goods and pallets

6. Ex-factory inspection system

Ø Double checked the quantity, items before loading

Ø Double checked the weight of carton, picked 10 cartons from bulk

7.After sale service system

Ø Call back to customers whether they have any feedbacks of goods

Ø For the defective products, Negotiation with customers to give them the best compensation

Ø If customers proposes a defective item---take photo and videos for us----We checked ( compare with agreed samples)---if can not use, we will make new goods instead of them, If can use, we will compensation accordingly to it.