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why natural black bristle is so few?

Pure bristle means there is no synthetic filament in it, only animal hair. Pure bristle, the advantage is durable, anti high-temperature, the disadvantage is short of raw material and more expensive.


So Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd Introduce the natural bristle imitation filament. Which can be better used for paint brush, artist paint brush, Because it is so softer.


Why natural black bristle is so few? Because there is few farmer raise pigs. And short size of natural black bristle are using for hair brush, polish brush, so it is very hard to buy short size raw material. The advantage of natural black bristle is stiff enough and more anti-high temperature.


Now for the shortage of bristle and expensive, most customers choose replaceable products like filament, nylon to make paint brush. The advantage of filament is cheaper and colorful, not just black, grey, white. The diameter and color can be customized.


Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd is a factory who are specialized in boiled bristle for 32 years and brush filament for 14 years.


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