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What is the main paint brush hairs for paint brush?

Paint Brush Hairs/Bristles

Brushes can be made out of hog bristles, sable, minks, weasel, mongoose, badger, horse or pony, squirrel, wolf, sheep or goat, ox, camel, raccoon or rabbit, etc. Each animal hair offers its own exclusive qualities and purpose, facilitating the artist specific needs.


Around 20 years ago, hog bristles are the main paint brush hairs for paint brush, because the hog bristles have flag tips, which is good for painting holding and release, For horse tail which is most using for shoe brush, which is durable and stiff. Goat hair is most using for water based painting brush, for indoor decoration.


Due to the high cost of natural bristle and hair, Now Synthetic filament become a popular hair for paint brush. First it is cheaper, second, it can has the same effects as natural bristle.


Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd is a factory who are producing the following types of hair using for paint brush.


1. Natural bristle

2. Horse tail

3. Natural bristle mixture synthetic filament

4. Hose tail mixture synthetic filament

5. Goat Hair

6. Goat hair mixture synthetic filament

7. Synthetic filament


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