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Wide range of uses for bristle synthetic

A bristle brush is a brush made of pig bristles. Pig bristles, commonly known as pig hair, refer to the bristles that grow on the neck and back of the pig, usually more than 5cm, and have always been one of the main raw materials for making brushes.



Its features

1. Rigid and tough, strong elasticity

2. Not easily deformed

3. moisture resistant

4. High temperature resistance

5. Not affected by heat and cold

6. anti-static

There are many types of bristle brushes, which are one of the largest in production and sales in all brush product series, and are widely used.


According to the use can be divided into:

1. Paint brush

Pig bristles were first used to process paint brushes, which are suitable for paint brushing in construction, decoration, furniture and other industries. The bristle brush is durable and durable enough to achieve heavier paint coats, yet easy to clean and reusable.

bristle synthetic

2. BBQ brush

Due to its strong toughness, the bristle is not easy to break, and after being washed with disinfected water, it is made into a barbecue brush, which is used for brushing the oil juice during the barbecue process

brush synthetic filament


3. Bath brush

In the past, we often used bath balls when we took a shower. However, if the bath ball is stored for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria.

This problem can be perfectly solved with a bath brush made of natural bristles.

Gently rub the skin with a natural bristle brush to remove excess dead skin cells and promote blood circulation. It also helps to clean our skin and prevent acne.

Bath brush

4. Hair brush

The natural bristles are firm enough to help massage the scalp and promote blood flow when using a bristle comb. At the same time, the antistatic properties of the bristles can make hair look shiny after styling.

Hair brush


Also, note the following:

1. After cleaning, the brush must be dried before storage.


2. Do not touch high temperature during cleaning and use, otherwise it will seriously affect the use effect and service life.


3. Pure bristle brushes are expensive to manufacture. At present, there are mostly bristle brushes with low bristle content on the market, which are basically disposable products.


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