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Choosing the Right Paintbrush for the Job

Choose a paintbrush

Choose a good paint brush that can be used over and over again with proper maintenance. A high-quality brush absorbs paint well for a more even application.


To choose the right brush you need to match the paint you are using.

If you use latex paint, a mixed bristle brush will do, but if you use oil-based paint or varnish, you can choose a good quality pure bristle brush. The better the quality of the bristles, 

the more even and shiny the bristles will be.



 1.Bristles are natural hair and are one of the most popular types of bristles.

 2.Synthetic filaments are made of polyester, nylon or other man-made materials.

 3.PET filament is a common polyester synthetic fiber that does not absorb water but can absorb oil. Therefore, PET bristles are not suitable for oil-based paints.

 4.PBT filament is also a polyester synthetic fiber with many of the premium properties of nylon.

 5.A blend of boar bristles and synthetic filaments - premium properties of natural and synthetic bristles. This hybrid bristle brush is ideal for water based paints, oil based paints and 

general purpose paints for wood treatment.

paint brush Material


The "Type " of a brush refers to the cut and shape of the brush head. Which type of brush to choose depends on the type of work you do. The types can be 

divided into flat brushes, round brushes, ceiling brushes, corner brushes, board brushes, etc.



Wall brush

Wall brush

Wall brushes are usually very large, with a thicker iron shell and more bristles in a flat pack, it absorbs more paint and is suitable for painting

large areas.


Angled brush

Angled brush

The bristles of the bevel brush are cut with a bevel, which can be used for painting crevices and window corners.which can be used for more delicate painting jobs. 

Flat brushes have a slim profile due to their flat trimmed bristles.              


Round brush

Round brush

It consists of a round wooden handle, round bristles and thin iron clips, the bristles are mostly made of pig bristles.

The size of the round brush is expressed in the diameter of the round bristles and is used for brushing complex shapes.


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