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What is PBT? What advantages does it have among many fibers?

01 What is PBT?

PBT first appeared in the international market in the form of engineering plastics in the 1970s, and was applied in the electrical industry, automobile industry and equipment manufacturing industry.

In the late 1970s, PBT began to appear in the textile field as a staple fiber carpet.

In the early 1980s, PBT was processed into textured yarn, which became a very distinctive elastic fiber and entered the international market.

After more than 10 years of development, PBT fiber has become a new type of polyester fiber that can be used in various fields in the form of textured yarn, filament, short fiber and modified fiber.

02 Properties of PBT

In summary, PBT has the following characteristics:

1. The crystallization speed of PBT fiber is 10 times faster than that of PET, and it has excellent elongation elastic recovery rate.

2. PBT fiber has good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and the elasticity is not affected by humidity.

3. PBT fiber and its products are soft to the touch, good in hygroscopicity, abrasion resistance and fiber crimp, excellent in tensile elasticity and compression elasticity, and its elastic recovery rate is better than that of polyester.

4. PBT fiber has good dyeing performance.

5. PBT fiber has excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance.

03 Application of PBT

The performance of PBT elastic yarn is better than that of PET and PA, and it is gradually entering the field of high elastic nylon yarn, polyester elastic yarn and spandex.

Due to its high strength, good shape stability and excellent wet shape stability, PBT has become an ideal fiber for paint brushes. PBT fiber has wool feel, good light fastness and excellent elasticity.

PBT brush filaments are used to develop various paint brushes, and false eyelash brush filaments are application fields with great potential.


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