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Which paint brush material is for which painting ?

Bristles: natural vs. synthetic 


Natural bristles are made from natural animal hair such as goats, boars, and horses.

Applies to:

Milk paint


Oil-based paint

These types of bristles are actually split naturally, which enables them to pick up, hold and distribute natural pigments while allowing for faster painting. Natural bristles are harder and more resilient than other bristles, which allows for the even distribution of paint and reduces brush marks. Brush paint is less likely to streak than synthetic brushes.



Synthetic bristles are made of nylon, polyester, or a blend of the two.

Applies to:

 Water-based latex paint

 Water-based primer

 Water-based wood finish

 Acrylic paint

The nylon/polyester hybrid bristles combine the best of both materials for durability, excellent paint absorption, and perfect for detail work.

The smooth texture and elasticity of the bristles make the finish even and ideal for furniture with water-based wood finishes.

Modern synthetic brushes are very good and have the advantage of being less expensive than natural bristles.