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For brushes, the quality of the bristles is undoubtedly the most important factor affecting their use.

For brushes, the quality of the bristles is undoubtedly the most important factor affecting their use.

In a good brush, the bristles should be neat, the elasticity should be moderate, and it will not be easily deformed or shed. In order to achieve this effect, brush manufacturers often choose natural animal hair. Common animal hairs used in brush making include natural bristles, horse hair, wool, etc. Among them, natural bristles are the most widely used bristles.

Can natural bristles be used like this?

Natural bristles are similar to human hair and are thick to thin from the root to the end. Therefore, they are tough and elastic and have the finest elasticity among all animal hairs. Common natural bristles colors are white or black, with excellent durability and water resistance, as well as anti-static, high temperature, and acid and alkali resistance.

These soft, tough, and elastic brushes, in addition to being used to clean various utensils, can actually "take care" of our bodies.

Natural bristles for bathing

In the past, when we took a bath, we often used bath balls. However, if the bath ball is kept for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria.

This problem can be perfectly solved by a bath brush made of natural bristles.

Gently rub the skin with a natural bristle brush to exfoliate excess dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. It also helps to cleanse our skin and prevent acne.

Natural bristles for combing

The natural bristles are stiff enoughwhen using a comb made of bristlesThey're helpful for massaging the scalp and boosting blood flow. At the same time, the antistatic characteristics of the bristles can make the hair look shiny after styling.

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