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Wear-resistant brush filament

With the wide application of brushes, the use of suitable brushes under different conditions, environments and occasions can improve work efficiency, save manpower, financial resources, and material resources. Choosing the right brush is essentially choosing the right brush filament.

Among them, industrial brushes will wear a lot during use, which requires very high-quality wear-resistant brush filaments.

Common wear-resistant filament materials include nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) filament, PP filament, and PBT filament.

Nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) brush filament has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics, and good elasticity.

The elasticity of PBT filament is better than that of nylon brush filament, but the wear resistance is not as good as 610.

PP brush filament has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, but its elasticity is not as good as that of nylon brush filament, and it is easy to deform and difficult to recover after long-term work.

Then how to choose wear-resistant brush wire?

The answer is that the most suitable brush filament for your product is the best brush filaemnt.