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Choosing Bristles or Nylon Filament for Brushes ?

Every brush needs a good brush head, right? Well in the selection of brush head materials, how should we choose?

The brushes are important tool for paint brushing. Common bristle brushes and nylon brushes in the market have many differences in production, use and brushing characteristics .

Bristle for brush

A good quality bristle brush is usually made with preferred bristle bristles.

The bristle are hard and can be mainly used for painting oily wood. They are strong and durable, having the effect of achieving a thicker paint coating, are easy to clean and can be reused.

At the same time, the brush made of bristles can also be used to remove dust from computer cases and corners of the house.

Nylon filament for brush

Nylon filament are suitable for all kinds of water-based paints, ,painting, baking, grilling, dusting and more. It has a wide range of uses.

They are corrosion-resistant, silky and elastic, and they can be bent continuously without linting. After painting with the brush made of nylon filament, the paint film is delicate and textured.


Through such a comparison, do you have a deeper understanding of choosing bristles or nylon filament for brushes?