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Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd New Factory would be finish in July, 2021

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd New Factory would be finish in July, 2021

In order to expand production capacity, we established a new factory in Yancheng. It would be 

finish in July, 2021.

The difference between our old factory in Yangzhou is using more machinery instead of the labor 

to save the costs and time.

Larger workshops make our production process system more complete and better control quality. 

From raw material control to the final packaging control.2021.7.jpg

The following are our main products in new factory:

1. Paint Brush Filament

2. Nylon Bristle Hair Brush

3. Brush Material

4. PBT Bristle Material

5. Brush Filling Material

6. PBT eyelash filament


The advantage of the new factory of Yangzhou Jingdu Brush is as following:

l It will shorten the lead time from 60 days to 30 days.

l The samples time would be shorten from 7 days to 5 days

l New product development will accelerate


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